Why KPI Pulse?

Sharing personal metrics from QlikView is much easier using KPI Pulse.

Up-to-date and easy access to the most important metrics are available to users on mobile, web, email, slack, desktop and Excel. Metrics can be displayed as a summary scorecard, highlighting exactly what needs their attention. Users have the ability to drill down into those metrics to view detailed information, reports and even access the raw data. 

KPI Pulse securely shares QlikView dashboards, reports and data to anyone, even if they don't have a QlikView licence. With a custom mobile app, online dashboard, Excel add-in, Slack integration and a desktop widget - there is an integration for everyone. 

How does it work?

With our KPI Pulse Designer Application installed on a computer that has a QlikView license, you are able to create, schedule and publish metrics from all of your existing QlikView dashboards. 

By utilising our inbuilt filters, you can customise dashboards on a whole new level, from automating metrics to the relevant team even down to automating individual metrics tailored to each user. 

These metrics can then be accessed by the user however they'd like - whether they want to check on their phone, have a frequently updating web dashboard, slack notifications, desktop widgets or they can even plug it straight into Excel to access the data itself!

What if I don't have QlikView?

If you would like to use KPI Pulse but you don't have QlikView, there are 2 things you can do:

  1. Purchase qvWise which has a built-in read only QlikView license. This has pre-built template documents which you will be able to use and also publish from qvWise into KPI Pulse.

  2. Purchase QlikView, (we can assist with getting you a quote). This way you will be able to build your own documents to view the KPI Metrics the way you want for your business.